Wax vs Coatings

It seems many detail shops are using ceramic coatings or adding another clear coat to cars. One of my detail customers uses Dash-iT detail spray over these coatings for quick detail. These coatings can cost upwards of $2000. to apply. A 2 oz. bottle of coating cost the detail shop about $250. and many hours to apply. If there is a drip or some other mishap they have to start all over again. Sure these coating have long lasting results but if you should have a minor ding or accident the body shop has to remove this coating and it will cost you more money to go back to the detail shop to have new coating applied again after the auto repair. Is the coating and hassle of the coating worth the expense? They say the coating can last 2 years.

Polymer wax can last up to 6 months at a fraction of the cost. You can apply yourself if a ding or accident no need to pay detail shop to apply.  Honestly I have seen cars with both coatings and my One Better wax and you will have a hard time telling which car has which application.

The choice is yours spend your money to have the coatings applied or wax your car yourself. But if the results are the same you have to wonder if the cost is worth it.


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