With so many products on the market today There is Always One Better


One Better Car care products are micro brewed and hand crafted never mass produced.   The other major companies are spending millions in advertising and production videos. The real proof is in the pictures, customers reviews and how our customers tell about their experience with One Better Products. We do not spend  money on advertising , our customers are our best salesperson. One Better products goal is to treat you like family with the best we have to offer at a reasonable price.

Bling-iT All Metal Polish “when that Thing lost it’s Bling”

Bling-iTBling-iT All Metal Polish

Chrome, Billet, Aluminum, Brass, Silver ect.

Our Bling-iT Metal Polish contains wax for protection against the elements.

Shake well and often. Apply to towel rub on the metal surface, until you see black appear. let dry then wipe with microfiber towel. The more you rub the brighter the shine.