Product description

rise&shinewashOur Rise and Shine Wash & Wax

Is a concentrated thick formula with tons of foam to cut through the toughest road grime while adding a layer of was for shine and protection.

oneBetterWax-sealantOur Wax & Sealant

is a thick liquid to hide swirl marks with easy on / easy off application which can be applied my hand or machine. This one step wax cleans, shines and protects in one application.  The results is an  amazing a wet look shine without any greasy feel.

new_spraywax32Big Blue 32 oz Spray Wax

Made from the same formula as our wax & sealant but in a easy spray. Get the shine in half the time.

1 (2)Dash-iT Detail Spray

just a dash per section and wipe with microfiber towel and your done. The easiest way to get that just waxed look.

Dash-iT is used between regular waxes to remove fingerprints, dust and smudges from painted surfaces, glass and chrome. It is non abrasive and does not contain any alcohol.  Dash-iT will also leave a layer of shine and protection increasing the longevity of your wax.

IT22            In-Tire (interior & tire dressing)

In-Tire is a water based product that when dry leaves a satin finish to interior, tires and  engine compartments.

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