Forget Clay Bars Remove Contaminates Easier with our Cleaning Towel

no more clay (1)

Drop a clay bar on the floor? It’s done, you have to throw it away! With our 8″ X 8″ cleaning towel you just rinse with water and you good to go.  Small but strong these Cleaning towels remove contaminates from your paint and can be reused to do over 50 cars. First wash your car to remove heavy dirt and grime. Use our Dash-iT detail spray as a lubricant and with no pressure wipe the towel over your paint finish until you feel the smooth finish. When your finish feels silky smooth your done! Spray dash-iT detail a new microfiber towel to polish any left over smudges.

Available on mid May as a kit Dash-iT detail Spray and our mighty max cleaning towel


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