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One Better Promise

Walk in to any auto parts store and you will see a wall of wax and detail products. Most were manufactures and bottled months or even years ago now just sitting on a shelf.  Our products and made fresh every 6 months in small batches to insure the maximum results. As a family owned business there are no investors pressuring us to skimp to help the bottom line to make them money. We make our products for you the consumer to give the  best we can offer and the most reasonable price. Our promise is to be the consumers car care company not any investors. Quality crafted products to your door.


About One Better Car Care LLC

One Better Car care products is a family owned micro brewed and hand crafted car care company. We have been making wax and detail products for many years but usually to private collectors cars, movie cars but now available to the public. Our goal is to bring show quality products to the public with the highest quality at the reasonable price with unsurpassed customer service. Unlike the major wax companies who have to please their investors with high returns by cutting back on top notch chemicals, we only have to please you our customer. Our customers are our best salesmen by using our products at car shows across the country, many people see the results and ask about our product. We do not spend millions on advertising, sponsorships, fancy labels or custom design bottles. We put our money where it counts, what is inside the bottle.

We micro brew and hand craft our waxes and detail products in 300 gallon vats to ensure the freshest quality products. Most major companies make millions of gallons which are bottled and sit in a warehouse for months, wait for shipping and can sit on retail shelves for months and even years before used my you the public.  The end result is that you are buying products made possible a few years old which the product looses its effectiveness on your car. Major companies use colored non see through bottles so you never know if the product broke down over the years. We never mass produce our products and we use clear plastic bottles so you see what you are buying. For example if you buy a spray wax theirs is usually in a colored bottle. All spray was separated that is why they say shake before using. Out Big Shot Spray Wax  is in a clear bottle you can see the separation so when you shake to mix you can see when it is ready to use. We feel when you have the quality product and never hide from the customer you grow a trust and customer base like no other.

To see what we have to offer go to check back often to see our specials through out the year. Many companies claim to have the best, but when it comes to car care there is always ONE BETTER.

Another Award Winner using One Better’s DASH-IT detail spray

Dash-iT nito

Dash-iT Detail Spray used between regular waxing adds a layer of shine and protection while removing dust and fingerprints. Dash-iT can be used in direct sun and even on a wet car as you dry. This non streaking formula is the fastest way to get that just waxed look and feel. Dash-iT  can be used on painted surface , glass and chrome with out streaking.

With so many products on the market today There is Always One Better


One Better Car care products are micro brewed and hand crafted never mass produced.   The other major companies are spending millions in advertising and production videos. The real proof is in the pictures, customers reviews and how our customers tell about their experience with One Better Products. We do not spend  money on advertising , our customers are our best salesperson. One Better products goal is to treat you like family with the best we have to offer at a reasonable price.