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Another Award Winner using One Better’s DASH-IT detail spray

Dash-iT nito

Dash-iT Detail Spray used between regular waxing adds a layer of shine and protection while removing dust and fingerprints. Dash-iT can be used in direct sun and even on a wet car as you dry. This non streaking formula is the fastest way to get that just waxed look and feel. Dash-iT  can be used on painted surface , glass and chrome with out streaking. http://www.OneBetterWax.com

One Better’s Wax & Sealant

One Better’s Wax & Sealant can be applied in direct sunlight, leaves no powdery residue, does not contain any harsh chemicals or abrasives. At One Better we hand craft our wax & sealant micro brewed 110 gallons at a time to bring to you the freshness quality product on the market today. We never mass produce our products like many box store wax companies where it was made years ago then also sit on a shelf for a few more years separating and clumping. Our products are in see through bottles so you know what your getting fresh product. Our wax & sealant leaves a wet look shine without any greasy feel. Clear coat safe, You deserve ONE BETTER